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Beauty Faqs

Frequently asked Questions

I often wake up in the morning with puffy eyes, but I’ve had a good nights sleep. Am I doing something wrong?
A common cause of puffy eyes is using an oily moisturizer on your eyelids before you go to bed. It’s important that you remember to use a separate eye cream, as the eye area is much delicate than the rest of your skin.

I’m in my 30’s and starting to notice more and more wrinkles. I don’t want to have to resort to surgery, but what can I do to look younger?
Firstly and most importantly, it’s vital to protect your skin from the sun, as the damage it causes will make your skin look older than it actually is. Act on wrinkles now by keeping the skin nourished and hydrated with a good moisturizer that contains SPF. You should also use treatment products designed to target specified areas of concern. Anew line & Wrinkle corrector to be used in conjunction with your moisturizer.

What’s the difference between day and night cream?
Most day creams contain an SPF to protect your skin against harmful UVA rays, which of course you don’t need in the dark! At night, your skin absorbs more moisture and repairs itself while you sleep. Day cream protects, Night cream nourishes.

How often should I use a face scrub?
Exfoliating your face twice a week will get rid of any dead skin cells, which may be making your skin look dull. Use in a gentle circular motion and rinse off with water. Always use a separate exfoliator on the body.

In the summer my skin’s great, but in the winter it gets dry and flaky. What am I doing wrong?
You should change your skincare routine to suit the season. In the winter try to use an intensive moisturizing treatment like a face mask, and use a richer moisturizer. Drinking at least a litre of water a day will help to keep the skin hydrated and fresh looking. Don’t forget, the sun’s rays can damage your skin in the winter too, so always wear a day cream with an SPF.

How often should I apply sunscreen?
You should apply sunscreen about 20 minutes before going outside. Then apply frequently, especially after swimming. Using approximately a shot glass full, cover the entire body and rub in gently and not so it disappears completely.

Make-up has an SPF, so do I need to use anything else on my face?
Make-up that has an SPF is ideal for use every day and can help protect you against occasional exposure to the sun, like in your lunch hour for example. It’s not designed for sunbathing, so make sure you use a high factor sun lotion when you know that you’re going to be in the sun for a prolonged period of time.

What does “retinol” mean?
Retinol is another word for Pure Vitamin A. Retinol is recognized as one of the best ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A vitamin A derivative used as an anti-ageing chemical. It is absorbed by skin and increases the rate of skin turnover and gives an increase in collagen giving a more youthful appearance. It is also an anti oxidant used in wrinkle creams.

Where is the best place to test foundation on my skin?
Don’t test foundation on your hand, as it’s never the same skin tone as your face. The best place is along your jaw line, and if the foundation disappears into your skin then that’s the right shade for you.

My eyes often look tired and red in the morning. What can I do to brighten them up?
To widen and brighten up eyes, dot a small amount of concealer around the inner corner of your eyes and then line the lower lash line wit ha white pencil. Use natural tears to subside the redness (make sure on how you use the white liner in case of large eyes).

I’ve got thin lips and want to make more of my pout. Are there any tricks for fuller looking lips?
Apply your preferred shade using a lip brush to the upper and lower lips, and then use a lighter shade in the middle of your bottom lip. Remember dark shades or very matte colours will make lips look smaller.

Sometimes my skin looks dull and lack’s luster. How can I recover the healthy glow of my youth?
Reviving your natural youthful glow is about a balanced and simply skin care routine – Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. Use Avon Solutions Total Radiance Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer for Day & night.

I’m quite pale but scared of using a bronzer. How can I get the glow?
Mix a little Bronzer in with your normal moisturizer on any area on show. Alternatively start by using a tinted moisturizer on your face and sweep a light during of Arabic Glow Face Pearls on your cheekbones.

I want super-smooth legs, but I’m fed up with shaving all the time. What’s the alternative?
Waxing is a better alternative to shaving. Avon has wax strips. Beside for fuzz-free legs for up to a week, try using Hair Removal Cream. It’s great for using on your underarms and bikini area too. As part of your daily moisturizing regime, use Fresh & Smooth Hair Minimizing Lotion. It’s Slow-Grow Complex leaves hair less visible, softer and finer, so skin stays smoother for longer.

My feet are prone to blisters but I don’t want to give up my killer heels! Help!
If you insist on wearing high heel shoes, our sole savers from Footworks is ideal for you. The triple duty cream works to help prevent blistering and chaffing, so your feet can stay comfortable for longer.

I want pretty feet for summer without having to go for professional pedicure all the time. What can I do as a quick fix?
The Avon Footworks range has everything you need to do a ‘do it yourself’ pedicure. Step 1: Place your feet in a bowl of lukewarm water mixed with soothing soak to soften and cool. Step 2: Pat feet dry and buff hard patches using the Foot File, and then apply Moisture Cream. Step 3: Finish off with a quick spritz of Revitalizing Spray for lasting freshness.

I love the idea of going to a spa for beauty treatments, but it’s a bit too expensive. Are there any home treatments I could do myself?
Creating a spa in your own home is simple. We all pamper ourselves, even if it’s just a hot bubble bath or a bit of scrubbing and plucking. The first thing to do is organize some “me time” and make sure nothing will disturb you. Then lock yourself in the bathroom with some treats from our Planet Spa range. Using ingredients from around the world, Planet Spa gives you the ultimate home spa experience.

I haven’t got time to moisturize my whole body after every shower, but my skin dries out if I don’t. What’s the alternative?
Your skin might feel dry and tight after the shower as the protective barrier of oil in the lower level of the skin breaks down, and water evaporates from the skin. It’s vital to lock moisture back in. Our Moisturizing Dry Oil Body Spray is perfect, as it’s quickly absorbed and doesn’t feel greasy. You can give yourself an all- over quick spritz that will leave your skin feeling silky soft and with a feminine fragrance.

I’ve heard that using the same shampoo all the time is wrong because your hair gets used to it. Is this true?
No. It’s not true. When you find a good shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair, stick to it. The only reason to change to another product should be if your hair type changes. For example with age or chemical treatments. The Advance Techniques range covers all hair types, so there’s bound to be the right one for you.

I’ve always coloured my hair, but it snaps easily and looks dull after a few washes. What should I do?
It’s important to keep chemically treated hair drenched with moisture by using intensive conditioning treatments. Try using our Restorative Mask once a week, which will give your hair the nourishment it needs, helping to maintain its colour and vibrancy.

Where is the best place to apply fragrance?
Fragrance rises, so if you just apply it to your neck the scent will gradually rise and disappear. Other places to spritz include the temples, wrists, the back of the knee and front of the ankles, where the skin is warmest. Freshly washed hair is another good place to spray on a little fragrance so that every time you turn your head you release the fragrance.

How long does fragrance normally last?
If you want to smell great all day long, your fragrance should be applied about every three to four hours. The best way to make your fragrance linger all day is to layer scents. For example use shower gels and body lotions from the same fragrance range. Your skin will absorb the fragrance molecules over the surface of your whole body.

Does dry skin require a more generous application of fragrance?
Yes, because dry skin does not hold fragrance as long as oily skin. It should be reapplied more often throughout the day.

Can the same fragrance smell different at different times?
Yes. Sometimes the wearer may think a fragrance has changed formulation, when in fact it’s a change in the wearer’s diet or lifestyle that have affected their perception of the scent. Pregnancy and menopause can also affect how a fragrance smells on you.

Why should I test no more than three fragrances at a time?
The sense of smell quickly develops odor, fatigue if it’s exposed to too many smells in a short period of time. In case you do have to smell more than 3 fragrances, break it by smelling coffee which clears the nasal passage.

What’s the difference between Eau de Toilette and After Shave?
After Shave is specially formulated for us on the face and therefore has a fairly low amount of fragrance oil to prevent stinging. Aftershave also contains on emollients such as glycerin, which has soothing properties. Eau de Toilette is more concentrated with perfume oil and can be applied to most place of the body. Aftershaves also have antiseptic properties to protect lose cuts from close shaves.

What is EDC, EDT and EDP and what is the difference?
EDC, Eau De Cologne, EDT is Eau de Toilette and EDO is Eau de Parfum is concentrated perfume and hence the strongest followed by EDT and EDC.